March 03, 2011

All We Need....

As I was dropping off my eight year old son to his very first Cub Scout Meeting, I looked out at my handsome boy's face and couldn't believe how fast the time has flown by. I hate it. It truly seems like we brought him home from the hospital yesterday. He is so grown, yet still so pure and full of light. How do I keep that light of love, of hope, of promise, alive and bright? When kids grow up and become exposed to life, their little flames can sometimes dim. I do not want my children to ever lose their luster, not even an ounce of it. EVER.

Some people might say it is exposure to WORDLY things. Well guess what, we are living in the world. The world is beautiful. I don't blame the world. People from all walks of life grow up, and some start from the dirtiest, darkest places of the world and manage keep the light burning and rise above all their surrounding gloom to become successful, useful and happy adults. Others are blessed with loving parents and majestic opportunities, and then they simply throw it all away with a bad choice. We have seen it all haven't we?
I know that I can't tell Tyler who to be, or how to grow up and who to become....but I can LOVE him up. All arrows point to love in my mind. Of course we can teach them right from wrong, honesty, manners, charity, and many other gospel principles....but I feel like those things will only imprint on their hearts when taught with love. Love seems to be the answer for everything in my humble opinion.

When my son forgot to do his homework for a few nights in a row, I got angry and upset and I put pressure on my son to "grow up and be responsible". I look back and think that maybe all I did was tamper with his light. I definitely didn't make his light burn brighter that day. And to be honest, my actions made my own light go dim. Now, I only wish I could take that moment back. So, rather than push my kids to 'Be the Best' and to 'Act his Age'...I think I will encourage them to be themselves and to work hard, and then just LOVE them up as the children who they are. Love is the key.

So, in an attempt to start up my blogging again, I want to change the title of this blog. Maybe as I record and reflect on our little family on this digital journal, I will remember LOVE- is all we need.

**What do you think is the best thing to remember while raising children? How do you keep your home a haven?


D'Lish said...

Love this Katie! You are right on! Love you! Diamond

Jill said...

beautifully written my beautiful friend! i'm so glad to hear from you again :)


Steve and Melyn said...
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Debbie Richmond said...

Words of wisdom from an old woman....:) Always remember how you say things to children. They might not remember your words but they WILL remember the tone in which you said those words! Love you Katie!!

Kacey said...

Hi Katie...hope you don't mind if I popped in. Your blog is beautiful...just like you! This was so wonderfully written. Thank you for the reminder...somedays it takes all I have just to remember to be patient. :) Miss seeing your face!

Amy said...

I love the new theme and look of your blog.

In answer to your question... There are two things we focus on.
1. Make memories any chance you get
2. Raise them to be wonderful adults

amelia said...

will you raise my kids?
you're the BEST mom!