March 23, 2010


Look at this sweet little boy. He is home. This little guy went in to Primary CHildren's Emergency ROom early on St. PaTty's day due to an asthma attack of which he had been fighting all thru the night and morning hours. I rode in the ambulance with this brave little boy. My heart has never felt so weak. After waiting for hours for a room to open up, we were admitted to the exact same room he had on his last visit in September of 2008.
I actually enjoyed the five days that he and I spent together up in room 3050. We colored together, painted crafts together, beaded together, watched movies, played cards and games together, laughed, hugged, slept side by side, and endured the attacking of the asthma attack. My hubby said that in the five days he was in the hospital that he "grew up". He is so strong, so brave, and I adore every bit of him. Mommy loves you Talmage. So glad you are back. Home.

*apologies for the photo quality, taken by cell phone.


Luke Marrott said...

We were so happy to learn he was home and doing well! I am definitely NOT a fan of Doctors and Hospitals. It isn't easy spending all your time in the hospital, even if you want to be with your little one. Lilianas first month was hard.
Hope everything continues to go well!

Jill said...

oh, i had no idea your little guy had asthma. syd does too. sounds like he handled it like a champ...hope he continues to improve!