March 23, 2010

SOul Shopping Sister....

janelle, this post is for you girl....Notice the rug? Of all the rugs out there...of all the PB rugs alone.....what are the odds?
How many more purchases do you think we might have in common? I LOVE it. We really need meet up for a day of shopping!


Janelle said...

Agh!!! Even the title of my post for Jett's room was similar, lol. I can't stand it, I agree, we need to meet IRL for shopping some time.
And I'm dying of curiousity to know where you picked up your airplane print in Utah.

On another note, I'm so sorry Talmage was sick. What a rough time and what a couple of troopers you both have been!

April Cobb said...

Is that your dining room? Are you kids even allowed in there? My kids would have food smashed all over those beautiful chairs in minutes. It is so pretty in there.

christensen crew said...

Yes April, our kitchen dining table and chairs are an entirely different story...they have food smashed all over them!